Two designs per day policy

Designer wedding team will always focus on creating the décor with a customization approach and thus practicing a policy of not having more than two weddings or event per day. The policy is strictly followed by the management even for the high peak seasons such as May-June and December. Therefore we encourage you to finalize the day and the design ASP to that we can start the proceedings immediately.
No matter what your design, interest and the budget DWSL team will always follow the following steps as a policy for any order.

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Rough sketch to make aware of the customer about what exactly going to happen

Step 2;
Serious of discussion to understand the exact requirement

Step 3;
Budget estimate to balance the innovative needs with less expenditure

Step 4;
Operational plan for the wedding day (only 02 orders per day)

Step 5;
Personal involvement of the main designer (Mr. Sisira
Hemakumara) for the designing and operational aspects

Step 6;
Surprise the customer by providing exactly what they wanted

Step 7;
You can provide your ideas on your wedding décor with images and DWSL will published it in our massive collection in the web site (Theme weddings, designer bouquets or designer event pages). If DWSL feels like your wedding décor will be an innovation for the industry, the décor will be published on the fresh ideas page as well. Your comments will be posted in the testimonial section for the front page of our web site for a limited time period.