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One of your best life events is ahead…

A lot to think…

A lot to plan…

A lot to find out…

A lot of money…

A lot of time…

And most of all, it’s with your loved ones, relations, neighbors and friends.

Let us help you…  :-)


Add a good memorable value to your hard earned money. We work with professionals. We have a good self-esteem about ourselves to recommend us as Your Evet Organizer. we have been in this field for years and the experiences and the maturity we gained would be a blessing to you without doubt.

We know the pioneers in this field. It’s not the charges or price always matters. Is it true that the best professionals got high rates??

Let us introduce you to the best trend setters who fit to you…

Let us full fill your dream…

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  • Hall / outdoor decorations
  • Bouquets and head dressings
  • Poruwa
  • Settee back
  • Oil lamp
  • Milk fountain (with or without smoke)
  • Milk rice table (traditional with fruits, grain and flowers)
  • Coat flowers
  • corsage and boutonniere
  • Car decors


Including above, any type of a decoration. You decide the materials and the flowers.




  • Photo / video
  • Dressers
  • Costumes

(To hire or purchase)

  • Halls / hotels

(Indoor or outdoor function)

  • Decors
  • Lighting and draping
  • Transport
  • Dancing

(Traditional, group or solo dancers)

  • Music

(western, oriental, solo singers or a band).

  • Ashtaka

(package wise or separate Ashtaka, Jaya Mangala, welcome…
WHAT YOU GAIN:event-folder_01

  • Ideas
  • Special guidance
  • Touch of trend setters
  • Cash balancing
  • Budget allocation
  • Minimized responsibility
  • Time saving
  • Hassle free
  • Time being promotions
  • Discounts
  • Additional offers or complements
  • Guest confirmation
  • The function day monitoring

And so much more…



Designer Events

Events are different from weddings, but yet perfectly planned decoration can give it a value addition. Making the event memorable one for the participants. Designer wedding team always trying to achieve the above by introducing innovative event decors such as the designs display in our collection