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Designer Wedding Sri Lanka for Wedding Flower designs


The team Designer Wedding with an experience of over 10 years of wedding floral arrangements in Sri Lanka possess the administrative structure and the creative environment to make any idea in to a reality and to provide everlasting wedding decors to make your love story going for the distance

Our vast experience in styling any type of venue, will assure you that whatever the event, the overall ambiance will be felt by all and will be remembered long after the celebration

Your freedom to give a thought on theme-based decoration is always respected by our team. Wedding decoration with a proper meaning arranged according to a wedding theme design will always make the event memorable. The most common application is providing of colour theme for the décor and we can making it more attractive by adding textures and character

Designer wedding is probably the only wedding service provider who provide 100% customized service not only for wedding decors but also for the event decors and bridal bouquets.

Designer Wedding Sri Lanka: Change the Way You Remember Your Wedding 

Our Services

Designer wedding decorations with unique flower arrangements and structures become most attractive creation in the field of wedding designing in Sri Lanka. in following aspects;

Designer Wedding Decorations

Anyone loves walking into a wedding reception and seeing the space transformed through gorgeously lush arrangements with candle light or soft lighting that compliments the floral color tones. This can be elegantly done to fit any budget. There are always new ideas and abilities of the Designer Wedding Sri Lanka team to customized any combination of texture, colours and materials which also makes them a unique service provider.

Designer Events

Events are different from weddings, but yet perfectly planned decoration can give it a value addition. Making the event memorable one for the participants. Designer wedding team always trying to achieve the above by introducing innovative event decors.

Designer Flower Bouquets 

Designer Wedding Team with their experience in flower arranging will only be able to form a sparkling bridal bouquet, help bride to become an art herself