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We do Remember, our clients hire us for our vision, our artistry, and our ability to take their dream of a meaningful and memorable event and make it a reality. That’s exactly what we expected to deliver.

Following the Basis

When flowers are placed without thought of design, they remain a bunch of flowers, beautiful in themselves but not making up an arrangement. Line, form, colour and texture are the basic design elements that are selected, then composed into a harmonious unit with lots of attraction

Consultant Service

A creative and experienced consultant can help define, create and deliver a most spectacular wedding event for all to remember, even within a restricted budget and that’s what exactly the ‘Designer Wedding Team’ intended to do.

creating it with a meaning

Taking time in their client consultations, Designer Wedding is careful to see that a particular color scheme and style is coordinated and carried throughout an event.

Special Effect

Anyone loves walking into a wedding reception and seeing the space transformed through gorgeously lush arrangements with candlelight or soft lighting that compliments the floral color tones. This can be elegantly done to fit any budget.

About Us

Our vast experience in styling any type of venue, will assure you that whatever the event, the overall ambiance will be felt by all and will be remembered long after the celebration
You Deserve Beautiful Flowers

Don’t underestimate the value of having flowers at your wedding. Flowers express feelings and emotions that sometimes escape words. Weddings are very unique and very personal. No matter what your budget is, you deserve beautiful flowers. Your freedom to give a thought on theme-based decoration is always respected by our team. The most common application is providing of color theme for the décor and we can making it more attractive by adding textures and character

  • Designing

    Based on Your Requirement

  • Consultative Service

    To Assist You to Make your Dream Comes True

  • Inovation

    To Achieve things never happen before in the field of Wedding Decor

  • Materiel Selection

    Based on your Reqirement


We possess the administrative structure and the creative environment to make any idea in to a reality and to provide everlasting wedding decors to make your love story going for the distance.
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Rohana Dissanayake

Rohana possess over 10 year’s experiences in Business Development with an academic back ground of Business Administration. He is working with the mission of providing you with comprehensive wedding décor service that no one ever produced.
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Sisira Hemakumara

Proprietor/ Creative Designer
Sisira knows exactly the meaning of “The supremacy of flower design” with over 08 years of expertise. The designs beyond imagination achieved by his team will prove that Designer Wedding’s capability of making your wedding day a memorable one.
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Upeksha Wijayasooriya

Manager (Marketing-Even Management)
With her ability to introduce innovative product in a creative manner, She will provide you with a consultative service in order to customize your wedding décor or event décor which will be definitely a one you never witness before.
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